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The word pasha (in Turkish, sometimes transcribed pascha or bashaw) was under the Ottoman Empire, a title of nobility of high rank granted in particular to the governors of provinces. He is an equivalent of the titles of Sovereign, or Lord.

The word pascha has known several civilizations, several kingdoms and several countries {Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and other countries}.

Before being a CONCEPT Hairdressing salon, the Pascha designates a rich and powerful man. This one is known to appreciate luxury and ultimate sophistication. So we quickly decided to take inspiration from its innate elegance to make it an idea for a project that is a matter of refinement. The Pascha therefore quickly became the symbol of a man who succeeded in everything. The latter then seems to have a good number of assets to seduce: a bewitching look, a nonchalant but no less elegant allure, a charming smile, an attractive phlegm, and a perfect hairstyle all like our customers. The clients of the PASCHA barber concept unveil the image of a distinguished and fairly classic personality.

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Yabrak firas 
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